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Large Trees FAQs


How often should I water my new tree?
There are many variables that influence the amount of water and the frequency that your tree will need to be watered.  The time of year, rainfall, and the variety of tree should all be considered when watering new trees.  Please see our Caring for Your Newly Spaded Tree brochure for more information.

How is the hole dug for each spaded tree?
A large mechanical spade has been mounted on the back of our specially designed tree spade trucks, which removes a large core of soil from where the tree is designated to be planted. This ensures that the same amount of soil is removed to match the root ball size of your tree. We take that soil from your site and use it to fill a hole in our nursery where another tree was spaded from.  We then dig your new tree, again using the mechanical spade, and install it in the newly dug hole.

Will there be any damage to my lawn from the equipment?
An existing lawn can be protected from damage in several ways.  Scheduling the installation for a time when the lawn is not overly wet is the best way to protect it.  In addition to watching the conditions of your lawn, we typically also put down plywood to help protect your lawn.

What is the biggest tree you have moved?
We have relocated trees as tall as 30' and as large as 12" in diameter.


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