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Rain Garden FAQs


Will The Bruce Company design a rain garden for my property?
Our services include site planning, design, installation and expert advice. Our professional team of architects and designers will ensure that your rain garden functions as designed. Simply contact us to schedule an appointment or speak with a representative.

Can I have a rain garden on my lot, even if it is small?
Absolutely. The surface area of a rain garden can be almost any size, thought labor and cost should be considered when determining the final size. Ensure that the overflow for your rain garden will encourage water to move away from your foundation.

Do rain gardens provide a place for mosquitoes to breed?  
When properly designed, rain gardens should drain in 24 to 48 hours while mosquitoes need 7 to 12 days to hatch. Also, rain gardens attract dragonflies that feed on mosquitoes!

Can I put more than one rain garden on my property?
Yes.  The more rain water you can infiltrate on your property, the better.

How much maintenance should I expect?
Rain gardens can be maintained with minimal effort once established. Similar to a perennial garden, cut back the perennials in the winter, remove weeds, and top-dress bark mulch as needed.

Can I build a rain garden myself?
We carry everything you need to achieve a quality end result. Visit our Garden Center to learn about the rain garden plants and products we carry. You may also download our Suggested Planting List for more information.

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