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B Natural

B natural is our way of identifying natural choices for your lifestyle.

At our nursery, we grow trees, evergreens and shrubs on about 600 acres.  We rotate crops like soybeans and corn in our nursery fields to add nitrogen to the soil which reduces soil compaction and improves soil conservation. We also utilize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to keep pests, disease and weeds under control to improve the quality of our nursery stock.  Weed control is very important in nursery production as the weeds harbor insects and diseases.

 We grow Sudan grass on land that is out of nursery production.  We seed the fields with Sudan grass, cut the growth and use it to add bio mass in our compost process.  Later in the year, we mow the Sudan grass and till it into the field as a type of "green manure."  The practice of growing green manure has many benefits including adding nutrients back to the soil, improving soil texture and reducing compaction. 

Another part of our land management practices is pasturing cattle to preserve some areas in which the grass cannot be mowed.  By keeping the grass short in these areas, it helps to keep meadow voles under control and reduces damage to our nursery stock adjacent to these grass areas. 

We utilize soil conservation and erosion control practices along the banks of the Sugar River to help keep river clean.  These practices include using planted green belts with bio-filtration to help increase wildlife usage of the river and to enhance the fish population.

Currently we have turkey, deer, water fowl, bald eagles, hawks, cranes and other birds as well as an increasing sport fish population.  Our nursery stock and land management practices have lead to cleaner air and help create   wildlife refuges.

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