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Nursery Trees And Shrubs

Growing for the future.

The Bruce Company nursery grows a wide selection of plants that have been selected for the Midwest.  Our nursery is located south of Madison along the Sugar River and we produce nursery stock on 600 acres grown from 3 separate farms. 

The soils we grow our nursery stock in is the same soil that are found in our region, so when we install or sell a tree it is a better match to your soil.  This is important for several reasons; first the plant has fewer problems with establishment due to miss matched soil types, second we have healthy soil that is full of microbial activity which helps the trees reduce transplant stress and improve establishment.   

We grow shade trees like Maple, Birch, Ash, Linden, Oaks, Hornbeam and Elms.  We offer shade trees as B&B (balled and burlapped) and also larger with our trees spade trucks.  We also grow ornamentals (generally flowering or smaller than 30 feet tall) like flowering crabapples of about 30 varieties, Japanese tree lilacs and serviceberry.  Conifers we offer include Austrian pine, White pine, Colorado spruce, Black Hills spruce, Norway spruce, White Fir to list a few.  We also grow some shrubs like arrowwood viburnum, Burning bush, and ninebark and tree hydrangea.

Whatever your needs are for nursery plant material we have something that will work for your situation and conditions.  Our stock is used for our landscaping operations and in garden center.

Our nursery plant materials offers great quality and value.  See a full listing of the trees and shrubs we grow.

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