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Are Silt Soxx approved for use in Wisconsin?  Yes. In fact, the Department of Commerce is revising all standards for approved products, and we have already been approved to use  Ditch Chexx - a more stringent process than standard perimeter control. All products will need to be We Can Do It For YouDepartment of Commerce approved in 2009.

Can you ship palletized product to me in Wausau? 
Yes. We have an agreement with Fed-Ex Freight as well as other shipping companies - we can ship your product anywhere in North America! We also have partnerships with several companies that might be able to supply you locally. 

How difficult is it for me to install it myself? 
We produce the prefilled product in varying lengths. For smaller projects, we have 10 and 20' lengths available which can be handled easily. For larger projects the soxx are palletized in 100' lengths. They uncoil very easily so they can be installed from the back of a pick up truck, flatbed or fork lift.

How long do they last? 
The soxx are available with several different life expectancies. We use the "safety soxx" so that they will generally last approximately 9 months on site. 

What do I do with them when the project is completed? 
Simply slit the soxx open and distribute the organic matter within across the property. It can easily be incorporated into the finish grade of your landscape. What is left of the soxx can be thrown in the trash - though it will continue to break down in UV light.  

How do I install Silt Soxx? 
Just make sure you've got good soil contact. The product needs to maintain contact with the soil so that water does not begin to undermine the soxx. We want all of the runoff to pass through the soxx - not over or under.

Can I install Silt Soxx during winter? 
Absolutely. We meet the current weight requirements for the Department of Commerce's new standards to be implemented in 2009. Just be sure to clear the area and ensure good soil contact. No trenching is required!

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