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Landscape lighting is an extension of the beauty that we see in the garden. Interesting branching patterns appear, flowers come to life, and enchanting garden pathways are lit with soft pools of light. Walls are illuminated showing interesting textures and a fountain or statue becomes the focus of attention.

The Bruce Company specializes in designing and installing low voltage lighting systems for any landscape. We offer installation of Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting fixtures, transformers, components and accessories.  We also offer regular maintenance services for low voltage lighting systems.

Design and Installation We Can Do It For You
Our landscape lighting systems use commercial grade, stainless "power centers" to reduce standard voltage. Low-voltage fixtures can be hidden in plantings or become decorative elements. Lighting can be controlled manually, automatically, or remotely. We install lighting that includes:

  • Accent and walkway lighting
  • Signage lighting
  • Water feature lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Moonlighting
  • Holiday Lighting

All year round, our landscape lighting specialists will ensure your system is working perfectly. Our services include:

  • Full system servicing of all brands of low-voltage lighting
  • Adjustments to accommodate plant growth
  • Upgrades or additions to existing systems
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