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Residential Landscape Services

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What are the different materials available to construct my patio?
We carry a wide variety of concrete pavers as well as many natural stone options. The products we use provide lasting beauty and the most flexibility for pattern and We Can Do It For Youshape. Our professional
staff will assist you in choosing the product that
best suits your needs.

What is the cost difference between the different types of paving materials?
There are options available to work with any budget.  Generally speaking, concrete pavers are the most expensive product to install due to the manufacturing process and the labor involved to install them.  Natural stone varies greatly in price, the cost generally depends on if the stone is cut and how tightly the joints are fit together during installation.

How can I deter the weeds and ants from coming through the paver joints on my patio?
We are currently using a polymer hardening sand for all paver joints.  This drastically reduces weed growth and ant damage.

Do you do concrete work?
If you prefer poured concrete, we can incorporate that element into your landscape design.  We can either recommend an installer or obtain a price from our preferred contractor list.

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