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Residential Landscape Services

Rain Gardens 

Your contribution to clean water.

Create a beautiful natural area while helping the environment. Reduction in the amount of wetlands, increased impervious surfaces and high density development all contribute to the amount of runoff to our lakes and rivers.  Less rain water is infiltrating to the groundwater system because of these factors, but rain gardens provide a viable solution for reducing storm water runoff. Rain gardens provide environmental benefits.

Rain gardens are typically relatively small depressions that detain runoff water.  The runoff water is purified by plant material and engineered soil, which then infiltrates into the groundwater. Rain gardens can be planted with a wide range of We Can Do It For Younative plant material that not only adds interest but attracts birds and butterflies.

Rain gardens:

  • Enhance the beauty of a landscape design
  • Increase the amount of water that filters into the ground
  • Provide habitat for birds, butterflies and insects
  • Help protect streams and lakes
  • Help protect communities from flooding and drainage problems

Our professional team of architects and designers help ensure that your rain garden functions as designed. Our services include site planning, designing a custom landscape plan that exceeds your expectations, installation and expert advice.

Interested in doing the work yourself? Visit our Garden Center to learn about the rain garden plants and products we carry at our retail location. You may also download our Suggested Planting List for more information.


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