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Residential Landscape Services


Building a new home is an exciting process.  Landscaping a new home is hard work, but The Bruce Company  makes  this process much easier.  We grade the soil as needed to move water off the property correctly, build  boulder walls, and plant nursery stock and seed lawns.

These short  videos are designed to help you understand  aspects of the landscape process.  They are meant to illustrate a variety of  topics from starting a new lawn from seed, to settling around the foundation and even how to deal with weeds in your lawn.

We hope you enjoy these short videos and even learn a little bit along the way!  Thanks for watching.

The Bruce Company—your outdoor living experts!


Straw Mat Repair

Sodded vs. Seeded Lawns


Meadow Mice

Runoff & Drain Tile

Soil Settling

Barnyard Grass

Pet Damage to Lawns

Mowing Weeds

Washouts Due to Heavy Rain

Plant Encyclopedia
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